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Insurance Alternatives

The Insurance Advisory Committee is continually looking for better benefits and insurance plans for employees and retirees. The following plan is an insurance alternative for retirees.

Please Note: The County of Dane and its employees are not liable in anyway for decisions made regarding alternate health insurance plans. While this alternative is being made available on this website, the County of Dane is in no way recommending alternate health insurance policies.

Health Insurance Alternatives for Dane County Retirees Age 65 and Older

The Insurance Advisory Committee with the County’s insurance agent, Mortenson, Matzelle and Meldrum, reviewed possible health insurance alternatives for Dane County retirees age 65 and older. The alternatives involved Medicare, Medicare Part D for Pharmacy, and Medicare Plus policies offered by private insurance companies.

The Insurance Advisory Committee did not find a plan or combination of plans that would be right for all retirees. For individual situations, depending on the health of the individuals and their prescribed medications, there did not seem to be one plan or combination of plans that was right for all retirees. At least one retiree has reported that alternate insurance plans have worked for him.

If you have an interest in exploring health insurance alternatives for your individual situation you may contact Mortenson, Matzelle and Meldrum at (608) 288-2725 or by e-mail at

Please be aware that alternate plans can involve changes in insurance coverage for both the health insurance and pharmacy benefits from the standard Dane County retiree health insurance plan.