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Retiree Benefits

The end of your service with Dane County doesn’t mean the end of benefits. Explore the benefits you're eligible for now that you're retired. For Customer Service with each of these benefits, Retirees should contact the benefit provider.

Notice Regarding COBRA, Special Enrollment & ERISA Requirements

Pension And Deferred Compensation

Our pension and retirement benefits are provided by the State of Wisconsin.

State of Wisconsin Information

For customer service with the Pension, Retirees should contact the Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds: 1-877-533-5020

Wisconsin Deferred Compensation

Additionally, Dane County Employees have the option to participate in the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program. The Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program is an optional, supplemental retirement savings plan. More information about the program is available here.

For customer service with Wisconsin Deferred Compensation, Retirees should contact Wisconsin Deferred Compensation: 1-877-457-9327

Health Insurance

Retirees are eligible to remain on the Dane County Health Insurance. Dane County offers two different health insurance options: a Health Maintenance Organization Option (HMO) or a Purchase of Service Option (POS). Retirees pay for the cost of the premium under both options. There are several coverage options for different family sizes and whether you have Medicare.

HMO Option:
POS Option:
Insurance Alternatives

For customer service with the Dean Health Plan, call (800) 279-1301


Dane County provides dental insurance to employees through Delta Dental. Dane County pays 100% of the premium.

Plan Information:

For customer service with the Delta Dental Plan, call 800-236-3712

Optional Group Insurance Policies

Group Life Insurance is provided by the State of Wisconsin Group Life Insurance Program.

State of Wisconsin Information:

Our vision insurance provider is Delta Dental.

Phone: 888-324-8600


Delta Vision Rates

Rates for May 1, 2020 through April 30, 2025

Plan: Full Service with Eye Exam  
Employee Only: $8.17
Employee & Spouse: $16.32
Employee & Child(ren): $17.96
Employee & Family: $23.68
Plan: Materials Only  
Employee Only: $5.91
Employee & Spouse: $11.82
Employee & Child(ren): $13.01
Employee & Family: $17.15

Retiree Enrollment Form

Eye Exam Benefits

Materials Only Benefits

Claim Submissions

Online Services

Finding a Provider

Long Term Care is the type of care received either at home or in a facility. Our long term care insurance provider is Unum.

Unum Information: